E-commerce SEO Services

Become a market champion and speed up sales with our SEO services for e-commerce. We help hundreds of businesses with online stores increase their traffic and transactions. For us, it’s more than numbers; it’s about results.

Is your online store still not showing up on Google? Is your e-commerce getting visits but not converting to a satisfactory number of sales? Do you believe you can sell more without relying on advertisements?

If you have an e-commerce or work with an online store platform, you may have identified with one of the above situations as you know that the more qualified visits there are to your site, the more likely it is to make more sales.

DrBacklink SEO Agency has long experience in SEO and can help your business gain greater visibility on Google and other search engines through the right techniques and good digital practices. Thus, you can have more visitors to your online store and increase the number of sales.

Benefits of SEO for Ecommerce

To understand the scale and power of SEO strategy for online stores, just know that on Google (the world’s largest search engine), more than 70,000 searches are ready every 1 second, and certainly, most of those searches are about the products you want selling in your e-commerce.

Therefore, keeping your online store in a good position on Google is synonymous with getting more visits to your website and, therefore, more sales for your business.

Wouldn’t it be great to save thousands of dollars every month on your marketing strategy?

Another big advantage of working with SEO for eCommerce is that you don’t rely solely on paid ads to find the products you sell.

By optimizing your online store with SEO, your website will start to stand out in Google searches, and in the medium and long term, you will get traffic with qualification for these visits without paying (from people who have an interest in your products).

How Does Our E-Commerce SEO Project Work?

DrBacklinks includes highly qualified professionals to assist you with a project:

  • Technical improvements are being made to your platform;
  • Competitive research is conducted, and new opportunities are presented for your business;
  • Assists with technical items that need to be set up (e.g., sitemap, pagination, and canonical);
  • Implement titles, meta description and title tags;
  • Content production for product pages and more.

Thus, with the help of DrBacklinks experts, your virtual store is easy to find on Google and other search engines, you will have the ability to attract much more customers and increase your income as a result.

How Does DrBacklinks Agency Run the SEO Project for E-Commerce?

All SEO projects are medium and long-term projects. This is because they involve structure, content, and changing fields, which can be more complex.

We focus on the following improvements in SEO projects for e-commerce:

  • Website design errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Improve existing content
  • Apply unique and interesting titles and descriptions
  • Improve website title calls
  • Research the competition
  • Suggest usability improvement
  • The site is 100% mobile
  • Image weight and quality

With DrBacklinks Agency, your website can reach more people and increase your company’s revenue. We have trained professionals ready to serve you. Let’s get in touch and set up a meeting.

How Does Seo Consulting For E-commerce Work?

The first step in an eCommerce SEO project is a thorough study to understand the characteristics of each store and analyze its main competitors in organic search. After this study, SEO analysts for e-commerce determine the main keywords be worked on in the project together with the company. Head tail selections will work with broad terms, these are usually words with higher search volume, but very specific long tails don’t attract qualified leads as much as long-tail words.

The balance between these two-word types results in increased hits and sales conversions. SEO work for e-commerce also recommends technology points to reduce bounce rate, index pages more easily on Google, and also improve the user experience at the time of purchase. The last leg of SEO working in e-commerce is domain authority. These are link-building techniques that will make a website compete side by side with more traditional companies in the segment. In some cases, big names in retail.

The SEO project is fully personalized for each client. With the 360º project, where the DrBacklinks team performs diagnosis, analysis, and solution suggestions throughout the customer’s website, it is possible to prefer punctual SEO consultancy focusing on the website, corporate blog, or main products. Learn more about what these two types of services are important for.


What is SEO for eCommerce?

SEO for E-Commerce stands for Search Engine Optimization made specifically for e-commerce websites and E-Commerce stores. SEO for eCommerce aims to sell more products or services organically (with traffic from search engines).

Why is SEO important for e-commerce?

With current technology and available solutions, starting your business online is quick and easy, but it really doesn’t matter if you’re successful in selling online! The online selling market is very competitive, and big brands and websites like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba dominate it.

If you want to gain online visibility for your products and/or services and appear in the main search results that drive conversions and sales, you need to optimize your E-Commerce pages and website. Furthermore, Search Engine Optimization is the correct resolution for your E-commerce project that will help you improve your sales.

DrBacklinks SEO Agency has a team of digital marketing experts focused and dedicated to eCommerce SEO for your site. We produce custom digital approaches for E-Commerce markets, including SEO and Pay Per Click services. Our SEO strategies for e-commerce put your website at the top of Google for the most relevant search terms.

How can you improve your eCommerce ranking?

To improve your eCommerce Google rankings (like product pages, category pages), you need to improve the following:

  • Sales Flow (ideally 2 or 3 clicks)
  • Images (qualitative, responsive, optimized, ALT text)
  • Product descriptions (unique and detailed)
  • Site structure (confirm “knowledge” of category and product pages)
  • Avoid duplicate content (for example, identical products accessible via different URLs). In this case, apply Canonicals Tags.
  • First, work on the Mobile version of your e-commerce site
  • Less than 3 seconds online store opening speed
  • Make a Google MyBusiness account (if you have your own physical store)
  • Remarketing (Google Ads) to boost your conversion rate

In which section of my store will SEO content appear?

Content production optimized for e-commerce is targeted within the main parts of the site or the corporate blog content, where they should be implemented. Each customer determines the priority order of the department that will receive the content.

Will there be any changes to my store’s website without my consent?

No. All internal productions and site architecture changes are submitted for approval. Content is published only after customer approval.