International SEO Services

Do you want to expand your market internationally? There is nothing better than using the internet to get there. This visibility on the world stage does not occur under the influence of a magic wand. The presence of an international SEO agency is necessary to achieve your goal.

Make your site thrive in the big leagues!

International SEO is the optimization of a website’s visibility at a global level. The aim is to reach an overall multilingual audience. Two strategies are presenting the company at the moment. Either invest in the creation of a main additional site and in another language, or the company begins the development of multilingual sites with the translation of existing web pages. Extending the language or expanding the site to other countries is a good way to internationalize your site.

At DrBacklinks, our SEO mission is to provide a broad professional audience and the opportunity to drive international quality traffic to professional websites so that they can easily convert their leads, whatever their area of ​​expertise.

What is International Website SEO?

First of all, it is necessary to define in more detail what international SEO or international SEO is. International marketing and referencing basically consists of optimizing the visibility of your site (blog, online store, or other) at a global level to reach a large multilingual audience spread all over the world. To do this, we can choose to employ different strategies. The two most popular ones that have proven themselves in recent years are:

Create a “multilingual site,” i.e., translate pages of an already existing website into different languages.

Create secondary sites to the main site with a specific language for each – this is the strategy used by some big companies like Amazon, which have a website for each specific geographic area (,, Amazon. co .uk, Amazon. it, etc.)

International referencing, or international SEO, therefore consists of making the website and the information it contains accessible to Internet users who speak and study a foreign language and/or are located in geographical areas far from the headquarters.

Why Should You Choose DrBacklinks SEO Agency as an International SEO Service Provider?

Multilingual/multicultural service

The international profile of our collaborators allows us to serve you in three languages: English, French, German and many languages. Thanks to our partner network, we can also provide the management and execution of SEO services in other languages ​​(Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, etc.).

100% white hat strategies

With us, questionable strategies (called black hats), or you can draw the wrath (and real punishment) of Google! Our SEO expertise is based on the constant monitoring of new practices and safe and sustainable methods.

International SEO experience

Long experience in international SEO has always been our core business. Thanks to our multi-ethnic team, the agency specializes in international SEO and has a long experience in this field.

Customers are satisfied with our SEO services.

Internationally satisfied SMEs and NGOs. We are well aware of the needs and constraints of SMEs and NGOs operating in an international context. Our services adapt perfectly to your habits and business processes.

We are looking for the best keywords for international SEO

There’s no point in literally translating keywords. DrBacklinks is an SEO agency that specializes in digital marketing and therefore does multilingual SEO work. It is very important to us to know how your international customers are searching for you and the emerging cultural differences.

Find Your Strategy Excellent International SEO

Our entire team is committed to being at the forefront of linguistics in terms of SEO performance.

We offer a comprehensive approach to DrBacklinks international SEO and make sure your business has all the necessary elements to create a multilingual SEO strategy.

Here are the many advantages of working with our team of SEO experts:

  • In-depth knowledge of competition in foreign markets through careful analysis.
  • When it comes to international SEO, every detail counts. Personalized support in restructuring your website and searching for the best solutions between different domains, national domains, and subdomains for your company!
  • An adaptation to the target audience. Localization is a must in the modern marketing world. That’s why we create and optimize multilingual content based on your target market.
  • We pay attention to the smallest detail while optimizing the content of your website, paying particular attention to linguistic and cultural aspects. For example, if you want to target the UK market, you will need to use UK English, while for a campaign targeting the US, you will need to use US English.
  • Our team helps you better understand the opportunities available to you in the target market through keyword research.
  • Build a local foothold for your business through Google Maps or other mapping services.
  • Finally, we offer our clients the ability to run on line ads and pay-per-click campaigns in addition to multilingual SEO campaigns.

Who is DrBacklinks International SEO Agency?

DrBacklinks SEO Agency is an agency specializing in international SEO.

Multilingual SEO is in our DNA. For more than X years, we have been supporting our customers’ activities in the development process in foreign markets.

Our multilingual team of SEO experts can deliver an SEO campaign for your business with top results not only on Google but several search engines! We support you in nine different languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italy
  • Turkish
  • Arabic

Call Us and Gain International Natural References

We can help you, and your customers achieve real results through our international SEO strategy that takes into account international natural reference and cultural subtleties by starting to work with us right away.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts to get started with SEO.

FAQs About International SEO Services

Which languages do Drbacklinks offer? We have an international profile; therefore, we offer you three languages: English, French, German, and many other languages.

What type of approach does Drbacklinks use? We offer a comprehensive approach that will make sure your business has all the necessary elements to create a multilingual SEO strategy.

Does Drbacklinks provide other services? Yes, we provide Google Maps or other mapping services.

International SEO Services in Short

With international SEO being on the global level, Drbacklinks offers approaches that will help expand your website’s visibility in other countries and much more. We can drive high-quality international traffic to websites, thus changing their leads. Start working with us right away and gain international natural references.