What is a Backlink? Backlinks are one of the most important grading parameters of SEO that should have been considered as an important tool in order to increase the visitor traffic from Google for your personal website. Indeed, depending on the statement of Google in 2016 it was stated that backlinks are the most important ranking factors that accompany the content.

However, if you are new in SEO and you want to increase the visitors’ traffic of your personal website, probably you may not be aware of what backlinks are and why it is that much important yet. In this argument, we discuss everything about the concept of ‘backlink’ that should be known.

What Backlink is? Why it is preferred?

Backlink is a network service that we provide with or without charge for our websites. It should be permanent and quality, so it will be beneficial. Many websites acknowledge us about this term by identifying it in different types. But the information five years ago is not same as the information today. Search engines, especially Google, is in a progress and in a constant renovating process day by day itself.

What is a Backlink

Understanding of Backlinks and the Roles of them in your Strategy

Backlinks, named as “arrived links” and “external links” under the roof of SEO, are known as the links outgoing from a certain page of a website to another. Unlike the internal links which connects the pages of your site, these links are pointing out your site by a third party.


If you like to increase the SEO success of your website, you should pay attention to the links used in the purpose of Google and other search engines: how to criticize the authority of websites. You should think this as the reputation of a website. The links connecting ‘A website’ to ‘B website’ are seen as aspects that clarifies if a link is trustable or not, thus it shows if that website is trustable or not.

You would probably believe to find a good dinner in the restaurant if it was recommended as the best by five random people because each of them are guarantors of that restaurant. You shouldn’t forget this situation is strictly relevant to the case of your website.


Google counts this type of backlinks as a popularity vote for a website or web page. There is a strong correlation between the ones with high numbers of links and the ones with higher rankings.

            A link that is transferring one from someone’s website to your personal website(or anyone else’s) is a backlink. But soon, you will find out not all links are equal. Likewise you can have a good impression to whom you haven’t known before because of a good reference from a person who you believe is trustworthy, Google has incentives while giving value to these links if that link has delivered by a trustable source.

            This trust is operated by PageRank, algorithm mechanism of Google, which gives importance and relative authority to the links, quantifies and clarifies these backlinks pointed out by a source to a page. This value was examined precisely in past but today it not a precise measure.

Types of Backlinks

              We previously talked about not all backlinks are equal. Below you can find the different kinds of backlinks that you should know and understand. During being informed about the backlinks you must analyze these types at your best.

Nofollow Links

            Links are like reviews gotten by trustable sources. Therefore there is a solution even if you don’t want to be guarantor of a website but you like to share a link of it. Nofollow links indicates a specific link should not have been tracked by using rel=”nofollow” feature to Google and to another search engines. A backlink which is not been tracked is seen as:

<a href=”https//www.drbacklinks.com/” rel=”nofollow”>This is a nofollow link</a>

            Nofollow links doesn’t include a PageRank value. Consequently they do not give a helping hand to websites’ clicks and rankings in the search engine page results. Nonetheless, Google declared they had a progress on their nofollow feature.

            In the first declaration of nofollow, Google was not being able to get a worthy signal from any links in the search algorithm. But this case has changed today. So far, all link features are utilized to have better presumptions in the sense of considering or disregarding a link in searches.

            This tip, evaluating links, is a discussion topic according to some users. They believe, in some situations(like an authoritarian news platform add attributions in its website) the nofollow links of Google may be considered as citing trust.

Dofollow Links

            The link which is tracked and followed easily is signified as trust citing link. In this type of links, the PageRank value is transferred. https://remotepilot101.com/ This is why adding a nofollow feature is out of topic in this case.

            In dofollow links, there is no a tracking feature of a link. The backlink which is tracked seems as:

<a href=”https://www.drbacklinks.com/”>This is a dofollow link</a>

Links with a Sponsor or a Charge

            Sometimes, you may make a payment due to demonstrate a part of your content or to give a start for the observation of your product to a blogger or to a internet phenomenon. If the money, or a good, or a service link has exchanged between hands, to inform Google the rel=”sponsored” feature should have been added.

UGC Links

UGC links represent a new specialty that was presented in 2019 and mean the content created by the users.

This specialty signs Google that this link was not put by a site manager but gotten by a site user. A UGC backlink appears:

<a href=”https://www.drbacklinks.com/” rel=”ugc”>This is a UGC link</a>

Higher Authoritarian Links

You have to aim to originate high authoritarian backlinks to support your website to be at the top rankings. Don’t forget all links are not equal. It is obvious, Google’s algorithms trust some links more than others. The higher authoritarian backlinks are the ones coming from trustable sources. For example from a newspaper, thinking Google will trust a link gotten from Hürriyet would be reasonable, wouldn’t it be? Google trusts these kinds of settled websites which has good reputations. Absolutely, as mentioned before, the authority valuation of Google is the algorithm of PageRank. But in 2016, Pagerank’s update process has been canceled. Thus, this metric is no more a public subject.

You may think what PageRank is and why it is important for the link originating process in 2020. You can obtain information from many sources. But when you examine if a link has a quality or not, you need to consider truthfulness and the website’s real valued content that it is shared or not. Even if there are various metrics operated by software platforms, these are not used or recommended by Google. This is a sign of just one domain name’s authority. Simply as an authority measure, you can ask yourself if you should trust a consent coming from a website or from a publisher.

 Harmful Links (Unnatural Links)

Harmful links may interfere your ranking skills on Google. Your rank, you already had, will be negatively effected by these links. Bad links are generally called as harmful and unnatural links.

Harmful backlinks often come from either low quality or suspicious websites, or the ones which doesn’t follow Google’s website administration regulations and trying just for change the rankings of search engines. It is possible to explain these links as nofollow or not sponsored marked  links, links came from low quality indexes or bookmarks websites, common used footer links or unnatural links which uses exactly paired links.

You may monitor your backlinks whenever you like. You may intend to use the backlink monitoring tools either these links have been created harmfully or unnaturally. These kind of tools will assist you to be able to analyze harmful connections, possibly decreasing your rank and points out your domain name. Also, you may review wellness of your general backlink profile by connecting your Google Search Console account and these tools.

Editorially Inserted Links

Google, with highest authority, rewards and passes the editorially attended links by the website owners to other websites.

Editorially inserted or rewarded link is a situation of a transferred link by a journalist or website administer depending on their thoughts about a website if it deserves a traffic and an authority extracted by websites’ performances. The reason of this link is providing a better reader experience in the website, not to manipulate the search engine algorithms.

Why are Backlinks important?

You will be able to realize that Backlinks will be popular. It is not necessary to deny these actions focus on providing and enhancing your efforts.

Elevating Your Rankings

Probably you have already figure it out. Backlinks support and assist your website on Google and search engine results. Without the strong backlinks pointing out your website, it is hard to prove your website is an authority in the sector. You will lose the chance of getting the most important factors that deserves being at the top places in the key searching words.

To ensure you will get the links which supports your ranking, you have to be sure you earn the quality links.

Backlinks Support Google to Find New Pages

Googlebot uses links to find new pages online. This is one of the main ways for discovering the content and adding it into index by scanning. Besides, it is Google’s travel pattern in the web environment. A trustworthy link, creates quicker pattern for your content to be added into index by Google. In other words, it is quicker to get your place in the ranking in doing so.

Increasing Your Trustworthiness

The links, coming from authoritarian or truthful sources, increases your chances to be in the top places. At the same time, it will increase your trustworthiness as a business.

Canalize a Traffic

In the early days of web, links were just for strolling. In the simplest words, the purpose of links is not let a web scanner be in one page but also transfer it from page A to page B in various websites. While still links are used as a ranking factor by Google, the canalizing big numbers and high quality of user procedure has not been quiet changed. You shouldn’t underestimate the traffic potentials of links. The best way of examining a link is to look at if this link can gather a traffic from your main target audience source.

How do you control your website’s Backlinks?

You need to develop new various strategies for planning to generate a link and for gathering more brilliant links for your website. Before start to do that, you should see how you perform from your opponents’ point of view. For that you must investigate your website’s backlink profile.

There are several tools either to investigate your own link profile or your opponents’ link profiles. You may use Google Search Console for your own website’s profile; you may use SEMrush for investigating your opponents’ links.

Using Google Search Console for Link Profile

Google Search Console will serve you some data to explore your own link profile. But, it will not inform you about your opponents. Besides it is free of charge. Even if the information is limited from these tools you will find out how your web site from point of Google’s view.

In first step, go to Google Search Console and enter. Go to ‘Links’ section by using the left menu. You will be able to see the links that came to your website under the ‘External Link’ menu.

The information that you may get from this page follow:

  • External link – Number of external links that came to your website
  • The highest number of links given to pages – The pages given links at most
  • The websites that gives the highest number of links – The number of website which gives links at most
  • The article which gives the highest number of links – Most used article links for external links

If you wish you can export the external links by CSV document of your website. You can use this feature by using the upper right edge easily.

Using SEMrush to Analyze Opponents’ Link Profiles

            Google Search Console is a wonderful way of understanding your own website’s specific elements. Despite of that, you may prefer to use link information which lets you to create wonderful links and identify the technics that your opponents use. You need to get assistance from different type of tools like SEMrush to do that. So that, you are going to be able to make your link strategy more applicable.

Analysis of Backlink

            You may take advantage of Backlink Analytics to be informed about a series of metrics, inspect your opponent’s link profile and get more ready to form a wider opinion about a website’s link profile after entering a domain into this tool.

            But which kind of knowledge you can get with this tool? You can strengthen your strategy after learning these. Do you wonder how to use these elements in your strategy? You can glance at the notes below.

  • Categories of referring domains: Here, you may see how the websites, giving links, being categorized by their topics. Thus, you may figure out how much the link profile is relevant. More than that, you may specify the sectors and opportunities in the campaign you are running
  • Tap anchors: The reason why understanding a name which is commonly used in the link profiles makes sense is to keep the risk of action that related to harmful link generation in the minimum. You can keep to organize a more natural strategy in this way.
  • Referring domains by Authority Score: You may score the link profile quality; not only how your own website performs, but at the same time you may use it to examine how it is standing in the competitiveness by using SEMrush authority score.
Backlink Analysis Tools
  • Referring domains: The number of the unique directing domains’ names have a  stronger correlations with higher rankings. Using it as a competitive metric will be helping us to identify the real link spaces.
  • Link attributes: After examining the differences between Dofollow, nofollow, sponsored and UGC links you can succeed planning to create a successful link profile.
  • Backlinks: Analyzing an opponent’s backlinks will assist you to designate accessing opportunities in order to try establishing a link with your own domain.
  • TLD distribution: Do the links primarily come from the country you serve mainly? Do you have global opportunities to form working links for your opponents? Understanding the TLD distribution of a link profile is a fabulous choice for obtaining an information about the strategy of a business.
  • Similar Profiles: Do you want to widely inspect opponents’ link profiles? You can use ‘similar profiles’ analysis to find new opportunities. In this guide of these analysis, you may have data of the best performing websites.
  • Top pages: Here, you can see which websites has the highest number of links that is pointing out itself. Following this step, you may plan to use the links that has a part in your own internal link strategy.